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Annie’s Butterfly – transform your tattoo into a piece of handmade jewellery!

March 21, 2020 2 min read

Annie’s Butterfly – transform your tattoo into a piece of handmade jewellery that will last a lifetime and to be passed down through the generations.

I know a really lovely girl called Annie who sometimes hand models for me, as she has amazing finger tattoos.

When Annie popped around my studio to collect her recent purchase, she asked me out of the blue, if I could possibly turn her new tattoo of a butterfly into a piece of jewellery. I loved the idea and said yes of coarse I would too.

Annie had recently tattooed two butterflies on her shoulder. She said that they were in memory of her father, who had passed. This was an extremely special tattoo and I was honoured to create this for her.

We decided a ring was best for her. I wanted to create a ring that she could wear everyday and sleep with. Most butterfly rings, the wings always stick out and I didnt want that to be annoying for her and catch on her clothing etc.

I sketched up a few ideas, and she loved the one that wrapped around the finger and was more delicate looking.

While I was making her butterfly ring, a really strange and beautiful thing would happen. I have my studio in a very industrial part of the inner west of Sydney. Where there is really no real nature visible. So whenever I would work on this ring, a big black butterfly would fly into my studio and sit on my little fence I have, to keep my dog inn. It would sit there only briefly and fly off. This happened time and time again, as I would work on creating her ring.

Two weeks later when the ring was ready for Annie to collect, I told her this story of how this black butterfly would visit me every time I would work on her ring. We both get goose bumps and in turn began to cry. She then told me the significance of the butterfly. Whenever she missed her father, a butterfly would appear, as if out of nowhere. Now every time she sees a butterfly she feels her fathers presence.

We were so happy with the result of the ring. I loved working on it together and loved the idea of creating a tattoo into a piece of jewellery.

So if you have anything you would like re-imagined into a piece of jewellery I would be honored to do so. Email info@serpentandtheswan or DM on instagram @serpentandtheswan

Much love,


Hayley / FOUNDER at Serpent & the Swan

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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