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SERPENT & THE SWAN IS A SYDNEY-BASED FINE JEWELLERY LABEL LOOKING TO REDEFINE EVERYDAY JEWELLERY. With a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, each earring, necklace, ring, and bracelet is more than just jewellery: it is an heirloom to last generations.

Every piece you see is designed and handmade by myself right here in Sydney, creating one-of-a-kind personalised pieces to be treasured and passed down through generations. Worn by the likes of Taylor Swift, G-Flip & Chishell StauseJemima Kirke, Alex Cameron, and more, every piece is made with love inspired by animals, symbolism, nature and historic jewellery. 

I started my career in fashion with my own label, Serpent and the Swan. When working on collections and preparing for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney a couple years ago, I could never find jewellery that complimented my vision. I’m deeply drawn to mediaeval jewellery, especially memento mori jewellery. I was, and still am, fascinated with the ways art, the human body, and nature intertwine. I wanted something that was hard but soft, tough yet delicate, and strong but subtle. 

So, I traded my measuring tapes and sewing machines for blow torches and polishing supplies, and created my own.

To me, jewellery is made to carry meaning and intention. Driven by my love for animals, I’ve collaborated with WWF Australia’s ‘Partners in Purpose’ program to help Regenerate Australia. I’m a proud mum of a Brussels Griffon, Frida, who passed away recently, a rescued Lhasa Apso(we think!), Zola, and two Devon Rex Cats, Shredder and Fang. I understand the need to protect the native animals of Australia but also to cherish the memories of our loved ones.

Each Serpent and the Swan piece is designed with intention, with no f@#s given! 

Commissions are welcomed. For all enquiries and custom made pieces please contact me here or come visit me at:

Studio 14, 43-53 Bridge Road, Stanmore NSW 2048

This is Jewellery with NO RULES!

Much Love,

Hayley xx