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Of course! My studio/showroom is located in Studio 7, 43-53 Bridge Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048. I'm open Monday-Friday, and Appointment-only on Weekends. Please contact me for more!

Sure do! I make them all in my studio. Check out my Instagram @serpentandtheswan to check out behind the scenes!

Consultations are absolutely free, and click the link here and fill in the form to book! Alternatively, email me at info@serpentandtheswan.com or message me on Instagram @serpentandtheswan.

Yes! I also do consultations over FaceTime or Zoom. Drop me a message or click the link here to schedule an online appointment! Please note that consultations are best done over a video-sharing application like Zoom so you can see the designs easier and more efficiently.

From the love of animals and what they represent. Serpent and the Swan represents the dichotomy between good and evil, which form a balance. Serpents are perceived as evil but are actually about transformation and healing, whereas Swans are seen as good and graceful but are violent and destructive. One cannot exist without the other; you cannot have light without darkness. The balance is what inspired me to create Serpent and the Swan. 

Unfortunately not as this time. 


Yes! Perfect for Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, or any other special event, please email me at info@serpentandtheswan.comor check out the Forever Forgedwebsite for more info!

I can do a made to measure bracelets/anklets with a clasp as well. Simply email me at info@serpentandtheswan.com or book an appointment with me so I can measure the bracelet, and attach the clasp on the spot!

Yes! I do anklets upon request- just proceed with the booking as if you were getting a bracelet. Please click here for more information.

The tool I use for Forever Forged is a Pulse Arc Welder where I can control the Wattage that goes into the weld, so Rose Gold can actually be safely welded as well!

Nope! Like other jewellery, because your Forever Forged piece is made of Gold and/or Silver, the bracelet will not set off at airport security.

As with all metals, especially silver, the bracelet will tarnish, but a quick polish will help it regain its shine. If you would like to polish the chain, your experience comes with a collectible heart shaped jewellery tin and a free polishing cloth!

If your Forever Forged piece falls off, your first repair will be free within the first month of welding. If your piece falls off or is removed medically, I am more than happy to re-solder your bracelet on for you for $30.

I have a Pulse Arc Welder which will emit a small spark of electricity which will fuse the tiny clasp together so it cannot fall off.

The chain will be cut and measured to fit you!

The metals will stretch slightly over time, so the bracelet is on tight to ensure its security and prevent it from falling off. However, it is customisable so please let me know if you want it looser!

Nope! Because the Arc Pulse Welder will not actually touch you, the process is painless! There is also no flame present in the experience,

You can use any household scissors or pliers to just cut the jump ring or heart off!

For safety reasons, Forever Forged is only offered to Swans aged 16 or above, or 10 or above with Parental Consent. Serpent and the Swan retains the ability for all final decisions.


Of course! Every Serpent and the Swan piece is fully customisable as long as it is reasonable. I mix all the colours for the enamel, so click the link here, or email me at info@serpentandtheswan.com or message me on Instagram @serpentandtheswan.

Please book a consultation with me! The form is right here. Let me know what type of jewellery you are looking for, and we can go from there.

Sure, depending on what it is. Please book a consultation with me to find out more!

Please place the DNA in a sealed Ziplock bag in an envelope and send it to:

Hayley Smith

Studio 7, 43-53 Bridge Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048.

Whatever you’d like! I have some fantastic gem suppliers who can assist with whatever you’re looking for. If you're stuck on what stones, click here and here for some inspiration!

Book a consultation with me! Click here for the consultation form or email me at info@serpentandtheswan.com.

I can work with you on your timeframe, but that has to be realistic. A completely custom piece may take 3-4 weeks minimum, whereas changing metals/stones/colours on my existing designs will take less.

Yes! Click here for a portfolio of Custom Pieces I have made thus far.

Pricing is entirely dependent on the materials you use and your budget, which we can talk about during a consultation.


There is a sizing guide on each product page under images. Use the guide, or you could always bring in an existing ring that I can measure. 

Of course! Please email or message me and send the item through the post or drop it off at the studio.

Yes! Each piece is handmade and can be resized. Feel free to write this in the notes section when you order or message me.

Yes! Each piece is handmade and can be resized. Feel free to write this in the notes section when you order or message me!

Send it to me, and I can get this resized for you right here in the studio! Please email me at info@serpentandtheswan.com or message me on Instagram @serpentandtheswan.

I predominantly use Australian sizing, but I can convert this to US/UK/International sizing as well.  Let me know!


I use recycled 9 karat Rose Gold and Gold and anti-tarnish Sterling Silver. All the metals are sourced locally here in Australia.

I also source all my ethically mined stones locally here in Australia.

I can source whatever stones you’d like. I have amazing suppliers who can help find whatever suits you.

Oh no! Enamel can crack over time; it shouldn’t happen, but it does happen on rare occasions. Feel free to send it over to my studio, and we can get it fixed!

Silver tarnishes according to the environment it’s in. If you recently wore your rings with certain chemicals, it may tarnish. You could polish yourself with silver polish or bring it back for an extra polish so your silver can regain its sparkle. 

Shipping and Returns

Yes! I ship everywhere. However, taxes may apply depending on shipment location. I also currently do not ship to India due to government COVID-19 policies. 

Shipping & Delivery

Australia - Free Shipping on all orders in Australia, 2-3 days delivery.

Express shipping - $10 flat rate.

Orders within Australia are sent via Australia Post. For all orders in Australia shipping is free. We endeavour to post all orders as soon as possible but please allow 3-5 business days from dispatch to delivery

Worldwide - $20 Flat Rate

International orders are sent via Australia Post's International service. All deliveries can be tracked online with Australia post. Please allow up to 10 business days for your parcel to arrive.


I use Australia Post for both international and domestic shipping! However, due to COVID-19 there have been delays in shipping. Alternatively, you could visit me in my studio to pick your pieces up, just let me know in the notes section in the checkout or message me!

This is dependent on what you ordered and where you are. Earrings generally take less time, from 5-7 business days, to make and be ready for shipment. Detailed custom pieces take longer, as they are intricate. If your piece has a set stone, that may take longer.

I make all my pieces with love and care, and I’m sorry that you don’t like your item. If you don’t truly love your item, message me

Sorry to hear that your item is broken! Send it over to my studio at:

Hayley Smith

Studio 7, 43-53 Bridge Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048.


Yes! I accept all major credit cards.

Yes! I have a currency converter depending on what currency you use; feel free to change to see pricing in your country! 

Yep! I accept Aftepay in Australia, New Zealand, the US and more! I also take ClearPay in the UK! 

I also take invoicing and bank transfer. Please message me so we can discuss this further!

maintenance and care

Due to the nature of enamel, they will come off in contact with boiling temperatures. Wear it with love and care, but also, this is your piece! Don’t be afraid to make it a part of your everyday jewellery routine; after all, this is jewellery with no rules!

Yup! Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold should not tarnish in the water. Of course, please be reasonable with the water, and take care of your jewellery in chlorine!

As long as it is reasonable, yes! Send it over to my studio, and I can have it fixed for you.

Hayley Smith

Level 1, 212-214 Wyndham Street Alexandria, NSW 2015.

I’m sorry to hear that your piece is broken. Getting a product fixed is absolutely free, as long as it is fixable. 

Use a polishing cloth or microfibre cloth you might use on glasses to clean your pieces. You can also use dishwashing liquid and an old toothbrush to give it a little extra shine.