Custom Pieces - Made with Love💝

June 15, 2022 2 min read

Custom Pieces - Made with Love💝

Firstly, i would like to say a big thank you for all the people that reached out after i sent my very unfiltered blog last week. I really appreciate it.

I am moving onwards and upwards. And as one of my clients said, you can't let the bad guys win!

So, I am lucky enough to have been working on some custom pieces for people who have reached out. Whether you come in face to face for a consult, or just a phone call, i love working with people to collab on a special piece.

Custom Posy Ring

Sara recently contacted me about creating a medieval inspired posy ring- I love medieval jewellery and jumped at the opportunity to help create something one of a kind for her daughter’s 18th birthday. Posy rings are deeply entrenched in meanings, and that was reflected on the ring I made for Sara. Typically etched with inscriptions and secret messages inside the ring, Posie rings were seen as talismans of love and secrecy, and this one was engraved with a simple yet meaningful message- Love life, along with the birthdate carved in. Shooting star, heart and moon symbols were also carved into the ring to accentuate her favourite symbols into the band.

This ring was also reflected in the history of their family as it featured stones from Sara’s own antique ring: an emerald, ruby and an amethyst are all featured within the 9k gold band. Emeralds were thought to ward off evil during the era, rubies symbolised passion, and amethysts were worn for protection and healing, a sentiment that carries on today and is  now embedded into the band. The stones were set with an antique-style star setting, creating tiny little stars that sparkled in the sunlight as the light shines through the ring, making all gem colours visible when taken off.


Koi Fish ring

Another recent ring I have had the honour of making recently was a Koi Fish ring for Mila as a way for her to wear her spirit animal and have it with her at all times. Mila saw my recent custom Signet Ring for a different customer on my Instagram and DM’ed me seeing if I would make her something similar yet personalised and uniquely hers. She chose to have an additional moonstone embedded into the ring with a star setting, representing the moon reflecting off the water and inner clarity.

Thanks for ready. If you want to see more of my custom pieces, click here!

All my love & positivity x Hayley x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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