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Hold my Heart

June 18, 2024 1 min read

Hold my Heart

The newest edition to the S&S collection is my version of the Claddagh ring that embodies two hands and a burning heart. Also known as the 'friendship ring' or the 'hands and heart ring,' mine shall be known as the Hold My Heart ring. The added burning heart, instead of a crown, symbolises love and passion, in friendship, for oneself and for life. 
Avaliable in: 
- Sterling Silver
- 9ct Solid Gold
- 9ct Solid Rose Gold
if you would like another metal let me know! I do custom variations. 
The Claddagh ring originates in a former fishing village near Galway City on the west coast of Ireland.  Claddagh, derived from cladach, meaning "shore". 
There are a few different stories explaining the creation of the Claddagh, but my favourite is of the fisherman Richard Joyce and the love of his life. 
Pirates captured Richard in the late 17th century, and in his servitude, he apprenticed under a goldsmith in Algiers. His talents became so remarkable that his captor offered him his daughter's hand in marriage and half his fortune. Instead, Richard devotedly chose release and returned to Ireland to marry his love. 
He designed her wedding band, now known as the Claddagh ring. Richard referenced the fede ring motif (from the Italian mani in fede, meaning "hands in faith").

Symbol of love, loyalty, friendship, and the Claddagh ring can be worn in different ways to signify the wearer's relationship status. 
But we wear jewellery with no rules, so if you're married to yourself, put that heart towards you!
Much love, 

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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