July is Hayley’s birthday month 🥃

July 16, 2023 1 min read

July is Hayley’s birthday month 🥃

Ok, so I normally write my newsletters, but I can't write about myself really. So a friend better equipped as a writer to do the the job. Thanks @minnidigital. Her words not mine.

July is Hayley’s birthday month. 

Today is her birthday. 

You may be wondering who Hayley is? 

Well if you have ever purchased one of Serpent and the Swan’s beautiful, handcrafted, jewellery pieces.

It was created and designed by this woman.

Hayley Smith.

She started learning the craft of jewellery making several years ago & it was immediately love at first sight.

Or maybe love at first opal.

opal heart custom made

She loved the physicality of creating a piece and the detail required with fine art jewellery design.

For Hayley the creation process is as invigorating as the final design.

It’s this process & focus that allows her to create unique and original designs that reflect her customer’s personalities so perfectly.

She is like any master artist.

She takes all the ingredients you give her to work with and creates a timeless work of art.

The difference is this is art that you can wear.

Inspired by music, art and centuries old time periods. 

This inspiration has allowed her to create a brand that is both timeless but modern.

She’s also created a gift for your ears.

A special birthday playlistfor you to play. 

Her tastes showcase a selection of the music that inspires her designs & fuels her creative work.

Ok, that's more than enough, thanks @minnidigital

Much love as always x Hayley x 

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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