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Lockdown is the perfect time to figure out how you can redefine wearing jewellery by mixing and matching your pieces! Ring stacking can be a fun and creative way to wear different rings together while showing off your distinct sense of style! Below are some tips and tricks  to help you achieve the best possible style with ease + it's a pretty good distraction!

Where do I even start?

Start off by looking at your collection of rings. What stands out? What do you want as a statement piece? Start by picking out pieces that are unique with shapes that stand out. These larger pieces, like our Double Snake Opal Ring  can be used on ring or pointer fingers to start off your stack. From then on, experiment with different pieces to find your stack! 

Match similar colours and shapes

Simple shapes like the wishbone ring and the Bleeding Heart Ring work really well together as a simple stack due to the points matching up. Feel free to mix 2 metals together as well, stick to your theme and run with it, make it uniquely yours. 

Add Thin Bands! 

Bands help round out your collection and create an elegant look without any effort. Adding bands helps highlight your statement ring and completes the look. Try bands like the Ouroboros Ring or the Fire Opal Ring to create various textures, making your stack more dynamic.

Space them out! 

Finally, remember to space the rings out! Not every single finger needs rings, choose a select few and keep it clean. Don’t crowd too many rings as they might seem cluttered, and simplicity in elegance is the way to go. Leave some fingers bare, if you’d like! 

And remember- these are your rings and should represent you! Tag us on Instagram with @serpentandtheswan to share and I can’t wait to see all your creations! 

Much love x Hayley x Serpent & the Swan x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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