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September 23, 2023 2 min read


Swan Stories are back! After a brief hiatus, we’re reintroducing Swan Stories to share the tales of some of my favourite artists, creatives, and more! Our first Swan is my friend Amy Sartorel, a naturopath and herbalist looking to help heal and improve health and well-being.

I met Amy during my fashion label days where she was originally trained as a Makeup Artist, and we hit it off right away. She shifted over to naturopathy just over a year ago with a focus on women’s wellbeing from the inside, specialising in skin and hormonal health after seeing the consequences of the makeup industry firsthand. She’s just opened her studio across from mine and I couldn’t ask for a better new neighbour here in the Old Starkey’s Beer Factory.

swan story

What does your Serpent and the Swan piece mean to you?

Most of my S&S pieces represent endings or beginnings of some kind. They are often gifts to myself, from myself. Whether it be experiencing a death, turning 40, starting my business, or changing my life path, my S&S pieces rarely leave my appendages. 

My heart locket and star ring contain the ashes and fur of my beloved feline Bowie, who left our lives over a year ago now. Having her on my body helps with the grief. Turning 40 was a doozy for me – on the lead up, almost every aspect of my life turned retrograde, then magically moved forward at full speed post birthday!

What inspires or motivates you in work and life?

I need to laugh – it’s like medicine for me. If I’m laughing at something absurd and don’t take things too seriously, life usually works out for me. So, I like to be around people that make me giggle and point out the absurdities in life. 

In my work life, I am lucky to be a part of several communities/groups of women that inspire and educate me each day on the magic of herbal medicine and healing the body through nature and holistic practices. Getting in the ocean inspires and motivates me too, although I’m not doing that enough these days!

Who are your favourite artists?

Isamaya Ffrench, Man Ray, Hildegard von Bingen, Christo, Yayoi Kusama, David Bowie & Donna Summer.

What do you think is the most important thing(s) in your life?

Having enough time for self-reflection.

What are some of your words to live by?

“Take your herbs!”

Thank you Amy for sitting down for an interview! Amy’s work can be found @amysartorel_natropathy or in her studio or check out her  website https://www.amysartorelnaturopathy.com/

Thanks for having a read!

Much love,

Hayley x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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