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When RUSSH magazine asked me to give there subscribers a treat...

September 10, 2020 16 min read

When RUSSH magazine asked me to give there subscribers a treat...

About a month ago or so I received an email from RUSSH magazine wanting to know if we wanted to do a give away collaboration with them. Offer there subscribers to win a gift voucher as part of there August newsletter.

So we decided on a nice solid $500 gift voucher. To win it you just had to tell RUSSH in 25 words or less why do you think you should win it. And they received over 600 answers! The answers are so good, too good not too share! 

Keep scrolling for ALL 600+ UNCENSORED answers! It was seriously really hard to pick the winner, but in the end there is only one winner. Ha. So I went with:

I’m always striving for originality (which is The Serpent & the Swans speciality). In need of a unique symbolic reminder, to always just be me.

 I choose this as I feel it really represents what I am trying to achieve with the jewellery I create. It comes straight from my heart and pours out through my jewellery making. It is a constant reminder to just be me, and to hell with what anyone thinks about that!

Thank you to all the lovely people who took the time to enter this competition and come up with some really amazing answers that make me feel so validated in pursuing this dream of mine. I wish I could give all $500 of you a voucher.

Thanks and much love,

x Hayley x Serpent & the Swan


Tell us in 25 words or less why you should win a $500 Serpent & the Swan voucher:

The juxtaposition of the name which translates into the jewellery displays the perfect balance between elegance and harshness, analogous with our everyday life.

In need for some new jewellery in this pandemic time to brighten up our mood and day x

Unique one of a kind pieces just like me.

My idea of the perfect jewellery is a unique, beautiful piece that can be passed from mother to daughter Serpent & the Swan style

I want to get 2 heart necklaces for 2 girls who have lost their mum.

I think i should win this amazing jewellery, because i am a creative type of girl.

Because I would love to rock your amazing designs everyday!

I love collecting and wearing unique Rings/Jewellery! I'd love to add something special to my collections!

This would have been a great gift for my wife she is my rock

To adorn my body with some amazing bling!

need brownie points with the girlfriend and this would help with that

because I NEED that snake earring!

Its time to spoil myself with something truly beautiful.

I'm cute with big blue eyes. I'm loyal, unswerving, Really deserving of a Serpent & the Swan surprise.

I love wearing bling bling.

I love unique jewellery pieces and its my birthday in August- so would make the perfect gift

To just treat myself

Who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd!? If I was to win this voucher I would be so proud! I will wear my jewels with every day, and tell everyone Serpent & the Swan does really slay!

My 2 daughters turn 18 & 16 next year. Be lovely to buy the, something special for the milestone birthdays

Some bling will brighten my covid world

I have been obsessed with Serpent & The Swan’s eclectic, cool-girl approach to design for years!! I’m all for supporting local Aussie design! ❤️

So i can buy beautiful pieces of jewellery

My parents are like the sun and the moon, both very different but surrounded me with light and love serpent and swan have a piece of art I would love to gift to show my love

Like my feelings of love,

Be nice to spoil myself

Serpent and the Swam design have also had an elegant but enchanting style which speaks to both my personality and dreams

I'd love a Serpent & the Swan voucher to spend on the beautiful unique and one of a kind jewellery. I love supporting Australian made.

I have managed to lose a single earring for every pair of earrings I own. Each day I’m forced to wear an odd pair. It’s not cute

During this lockdown I am having withdrawals, cravings to keep treating myself to gorgeous jewels.

To have the delightful thrill of being confused by choice.

Because I am trying to enter into an industry where I’m likely to be criticised for being a woman and want to look my best when I point my well-adorned middle fingers at misogynists.

If I won I would commission Hayley to make a piece of jewellery with the ashes of my Bunny who passed away.

Have been coveting their jewels for a year. Ethereal princess toasts on the blood of her enemy’s vibes.

I’m a fan and follow, and this would allow me to give back to and surprise my loved ones with these STUNNING pieces

After a long series of setbacks and struggles, my dreams are coming to fruition. I’d like something special to commemorate this moment for life 🤍

Ring some sparkle into mtyy lif while home schooling, working from home during Melbourne 2.0 lockdown.

The inspiration and effervescence that this jewellery has brought into my life after purchasing has been unrivalled! Fills my heart and soul with joy.

For the Gold Bleeding Heart necklace that my Wife adores.......covid has pushed us backwards financially, and I miss spoiling her.

I only just discovered the brand recently but am in love with their intricate designs! I especially love how they personalise keepsakes with loved ones strands of hair

The snake is my spirit animal and the swan is my bff’s! If I won I’d share this voucher with her as tokens to our spirits :)

spicy swam & serpent slithered slowly southward so Scutts’ was served her stylish surprise


I swoon over Serpent & the Swan jewels most days, it would be such a dream to add some to my collection of Serpent & the Swan bags and dresses from a previous lifetime.

It’s my birthday on the 20th and what a good pressie, one of a kind beautiful jewellery that’s sustainable, ethical, and pieces I’m obsessed with!!

They all look very beautiful and something that I would wear.

I love to support ethical Australian businesses so they can grow! I wear the Ouroboros silver serpent ring daily, and hope to complete the set!

I'd love to SWAN around SERPENTLY sassy and stylish....

This single mumma needs to spoil her self. All those birthdays and Christmases with no gifts to make up for

I’ve a jewellery deficit; stuck in a tad of a rut I feel. This could set me free.

It’d be nice to have something pretty atm

I’m OBSESSED with this jewellery!! However my friend Justine just had her ENTIRE jewellery collection stolen so this voucher would go to her 💕

Every warrior woman deserves some beautiful pieces, about time I got some for myself :)

I would love some new "bling" to make me feel very spoilt and special.

I'd love to win this voucher for my wife - so that she can spoil herself with some new jewellery.

Working from home, looking like a slob these days. Some jewellery will dress up my trackies.

I would love to spoil myself on my birthday soon as it has been a terrible year and I would love a pick me up.

A moonstone nestled into a serpent ring would complement the new freckle on my finger 🌑

Serpent met Swan In a moment of enchantment They knew they were kin Shedding their creeds and skins They sealed their love with a ring.

I love to be able to wear jewellery which represents my spiritual and tribal personality

This would be the perfect push present for my new daughter that was just born.

If 2020 is a serpent, this prize would be a swan - calming, beautiful and capable of turning an ugly duckling into something glorious.

To give to my beautiful granddaughter for her upcoming birthday

Serpent and swan is the most creative and original jewellery store that I have found to exist, I also love the fact that it’s ethical and sustainable 💖💖

Because my lovely swan deserves a lovely gift from her serpent

To gift myself unique and beautiful Serpent & the Swan jewellery.

A Serpent & the Swan voucher would allow me to buy the perfect, sustainable gift for my daughter who is having twins.

The designs are gorgeous and would go well in my non-existent jewellery collection.

Melbourne lockdown is hard for everyone, Not much to cheer about but we keep positive and optimistic, A great gift voucher only boost that optimism

Because 6 weeks in lockdown I need a little hope, inspiration and indulgence to get me through and beautiful jewellery will help.

Because I'm worth it even amidst the lockdown

My wife loves jewellery but doesn't have much because we can't afford it so having one of your beautiful pieces would be very special.

It would be the perfect way to spoil my Mum for her upcoming birthday - she is in aged care in lockdown and life is a bit grim!

I should with the serpent and swan voucher as it looks femine . i like to look like a lady

I’ve never owned a piece of real jewellery before that isn’t fake so it would be nice to win something nice for once.

Got so bored in lockdown, I started making home made jewellery. I seriously look like Kath Day-Knight!!??!

I’m a mum who homeschools and I deserve a treat as my 40th was in February and no party.

The ring of my dreams aka the bleeding heart ring in solid gold is $498 leaving me $2 to justify getting the matching earrings hehe

As we are unable to travel it would be nice to gift my fiancé a great that is not local

It is my 3 year anniversary soon. I recently lost my job because of covid and it would be incredible to gift a worthy to my love.

They look amazing and I'd love to wear any of your exciting collection.

I am a kind person to everyone I meet and make a conscious effort to make the world a better place with every encounter

I love gold, original design jewellery that will compliment the jewellery I have. The pictures are gorgeous!

I’m a big supporter of Australian made and now is a better time than ever to support local businesses and love unique hand crafted products.

I want to look beautiful

That snake ring looks like it would be good on me

This would mean so much to me. I've been going through so much lately and this would brighten my world up.

I should win this so I can share it with my friends. We can all have a special piece of jewellery to enjoy together.

Awesome jewellery to brighten up my lacking collection

Want to give to my girlfriend   Make her feel special and people will look at her and the jewellery She would love to show off to all

I think I should win a Serpent&the Swan voucher because I need it to put towards some more Jewellery that I've seen of yours

A girl can't have too much jewellery!

I live wearing jewellery and would love to show them off

For me, buying jewellery is a cathartic experience symbolic of self-love. The delicate nature of a unique piece makes me feel feminine and beautiful.

Perfect for my wife and I to celebrate our 50th wedding Anniversary in October

Awesome prize thanks for the opportunity 👍👌

It's my birthday on the 25th of August so I'm a very lucky person. Very lucky person

My sister is eccentric and unique, Serpent & the Swan will be the perfect gift to celebrate her 10 year nursing anniversary!

Its a girls best friend

I would love to spoil my daughter with an eclectic ring for her uni graduation..

These timeless designs are my definition of investment pieces and what’s not to love about that! Most importantly they’re made to make women feel fabulous!  

To wear a piece of ethical treasure that bites the soul with the passion and etches grace into my story.


So I can buy an unforgettable birthday gift for my lovely girlfriend Jessie!

To have a piece of unique jewellery to pass down as a family heirloom would be wonderful as when I'm gone I won't be forgotten.

Owning unique jewellery is a privilege. Knowing no one else has the special piece certainly would become a family heirloom for my treasured daughter.

Because I would love to give my wife a spoil after all the schooling and work she has done with our 5 kids.

Well in this stay and age who has the money to spend on jewellery, with children. But just for this minute, I dream that I’m in the Serpent & Swan store choosing a piece of jewellery

For my partner who is an essential worker

I’m looking for the perfect piece to give my daughter on her wedding day

Would love to win and to have a personalised necklace gift for my mum so she can stand out in a crowd, she deserves some

It is time for some good fortune to come my way.

I would love to give this as a gift to my daughter. She has done a lot for me, doing my shopping as I am in isolation. Rachel and her husband agreed to my building my hobbit house in their back yard

I’ve lost my shine since becoming a stay at home mum... looking for a little sparkle!

I want to surprise my wife for her constant support and love with something original, stylish and memorable

Their jewellery looks amazing! Would love to have something new to brighten my day. Nothing better than having a gorgeous new necklace or earrings!

i love unique jewellery that reflects my inner rebel in a conservative work environment

One day I will pass on my beautiful necklace to my grandchildren, saying tenderly, "this is the only bloody good thing from 2020".

I'm dangerous as a serpent if you cross me, but graceful and warm as a swan if you are in my inner circle.

All things special and unique are what appeals to me, my daughter and i have snakes on the mind and we would love to win this please

To help my daughter celebrate her 18th which is on the 20th and her graduation in this rough year she's been having.

I dont like jewellery, I like art and this is ART!

Because I don't like to conform. I like to stick out (in a good way)

Because I’ve got a long neck and short morals!

Because I need a little sparkle in my life

I would love to win this voucher because I love jewelery.

Because my current jewellery is so old and dated...but this is on fleek!

Because I absolutely love the ranges to choose from and I love jewellery especially these really funky awesome designs :)

coz im in iso and depressed

My sister keeps yelling at me for wearing the jewellery her ex boyfriend gave her (which she gave to me)

I would love to add these unique designs to my growing collection, nature and symbolism are personal favourites.

I just got my earlobes pierced twice and would love some new earrings!

to express myself through your clothing

So I can wear it too the Races

Necklace that reminds me that we made through COVID and that i stronger than i thought

Because I'm in Slytherin and Serpents should stick together.

My husband forgot my birthday. This would be a gift to myself.

Because I don't have any nice jewellery!

Sssssseriously need those ssssssnake earrings OMG!!!!

I love individuality crafted pieces, they are unique to the person that wears them. An intimate statement

Serpent & Swan shimmers, shines and sparkles and will make me feel that way too

i love jewlerry and dont have enough

I love stylish, unique jewellery and I believe you can never have too many pieces!!

My house was recently burgled and I lost all my fine jewellery - I would love to start my collection again with something so beautiful!

This collection reminds of Taylor Swifts Bad Blood video and I absolutely love it!

I'd love to buy something for my mum <3 She recently went through cancer treatment and needs something good in her life.

My daughter Emma is as unique as they come, as we love her for it. Serpent & the Swan jewellery would enhance her individual style.

Cancelled wedding due to covid - wanted to buy myself special piece for small ceremony we are having instead.

After finally coming out the closet, jewellery was a way for me to finally express myself. I love jewellery that is high quality but also ethically made.

I would love to win this after a rough year battling cancer this would put   ashuge smile on my face


These original pieces are gorgeous. I want to be the envy of al my friends.

Like motel artwork, my fear is seeing jewellery I am wearing everywhere - m ass produced gives me a headache!

I'd give to my friend because she loves this style.

I'm the serpent and would love to win a piece for my "swan"!

I’m currently stressed and sad. These pretty things would cheer me up (a bit like a magpie).

Would love to win this for my wife

Lockdown has me watching grand designs, doing needlepoint and going to bed at 9pm. Help me S&S and russh, I need to feel badass again!!

This would be ideal for my daughter in law who is having her first child and our first grandchild

Because I would use it to benefit others

Voucher would be an amazinf gift for my niece's 21st birthday party in August.

I feel like I am on a mental and physical journey, not unlike a serpent shedding its skin,or a duckling emerging as a swan. I would love to adorn myself with this amazing jewellery!

Some of my jewellery is still from 2015... safe to say I need an update ASAP! I would love to support an Aussie business too.

It’s my 50 th birthday on the 1st September so would love to treat myself and my girlfriends .

I absolutely adore their heart themed pieces and the fact that they are hand crafted and personalised makes if so much more special ❤️

Because I love unique jewellery which is all made by hand giving Serpent & the Swan that personal touch.

Because I want to look as smart as a Serpent and as elegant as a Swan. This would be great !

I would love to explore this brand more, as I would love to support more ethical and sustainable jewellery brands!

One-of-a-kind flawless jewellery. Who wouldn’t froth over it! Bask in funky gold pieces until dawn – thanks Serpent & Swan.

We are snake crazy in our house with pet ones. We would love to buy some amazing serpent items.

It would mean a lot to be able to (one day) pass something so cherished ontoy daughter.

Because then I could get my Mum an amazing gift that she so deserves but I can't afford!

I've always wanted snake jewellery but didn't have the guts to buy it. With this Serpent and the Swan voucher, I definitely will have to!

Its been a long time since I was surprised with a gift of Jewellery,probably 25 years.

Winning this voucher would be the most exciting thing that’s happened all year, especially after going into lockdown again.

My ex the serpent, I the swan, He spent years stringing me along. Lied, cheated, never gave a care, Never gave jewellery just grey hair!

I always put everyone else's needs before my own. I've been married 2 years and don't even have a ring to wear

It's my birthday and no one gets me a present! so this would be a nice surprise.

I’ve lost my job due to covid so I haven’t been able to treat myself these past couple months.

Serpant & the swan... I'd embody the artistry in each piece I would wear and add slitheringly beautiful touches to everywhere I go!

I believe I deserve a $500 voucher as I want to treat myself for my 7 months of sobriety (Which has been difficult during lockdown), but also surprise a few friends who also need a little extra beauty

Personal. Stylish. Sexy. Crafted. Why not adorn yourself in made-for-you jewellery that’s a departure from the expected? More than ever, handmade artistry matters.

Jewelry has a mystical way of holding our memories, I could keep a thousand blessings in my ring, and ten-thousand in one from S&S😉

I share your primal aesthetic and have been a loyal disciple since your inception

I would love to rep this wonderful aussie brand on my hand(s)

I've been WFH in my garage, so some new bling would distract my colleagues from the Holden they see behind me during zoom calls.

My 9 week old puppy is my world. I would love a bespoke pendant featuring her lost tooth, keeping her close to my heart.

Without question, the material world and your everyday needs distract you from living meaningfully.

I want to gift my best gal pal with a matching proceeds. We’re states apart she owns my heart. X

I have just hit my 5 months of working from home isolation - online shopping is the only thing sparking joy

(S)sexy&elegant (E) effervescent designs (R) ready to finish off any outfit (P) personalised for me? (E) even better! (N) not for the basic hearted (T)tell my boyfriend this is my expectation

To treat my bridesmaids and mum to a stunning piece to wear for my wedding day

Because I'd love to gift some to my best friend Amelia who needs some serious iso-love :'(

What better way to celebrate my birth month than a personalised Ouroboros ring? ISO-DREAMS CAN COME TRUE

ugh life plz ty

I think everyone deserve to win with everything going on a glimmer and shimmer is sure to spark a tear of joy

Plz lift my spirits in lockdown. Also I'll do nice still lifes of them!

My jewellery pieces are sentimental and take me back to happy memories. Each has a special story to reminisce on and represents me.

I love the originality of their designs with such high quality. Takes an outfit over the edge

During iso, I beaded friendship bracelets for my nearest, tried my luck at ceramic earrings and even knitted ring (wild move). With pay cuts and cancelled holidays, this would be truly wonderful

Because I want to wear edgy jewellery like this which represents that a modern woman can be both a serpent and a swan simultaneously..

Serpent and the Swan, a fable untold, Adorns these fingers with silver and gold. Ancient ouroboros, stars, moon, and heart, Together we make wondrous art.

The snake is Athena's sacred animal and my middle name is Athena. I'm all about that serpent symbolism.

as recovering from shingles, need some shiny jingles, something of gold, not made in a mould,

My 30’s have brought out my inner pragmatist and my boring wardrobe has become too real; help me stand out again, with some distinctive bling.

After covid 19 in New Zealand I decided to retire from work - need a bit of glam in my life to celebrate ❤😊

I want to dress up and feel like a Goddess during isolation!

Always loved the symbolism behind serpents - strength, continuity, infinity. It certainly would match my hand-poked water serpent tattoo.

Lol help a sister out - I had a customer tell me “you’d look like a lady if you stop wearing kids jewellery”

A unique piece my daughter and I can treasure and have an interesting story when asked “oh where did you get that fabulous jewellery from?”

I love jewellery and how it can completely change an outfit. I feel naked when I’m not wearing my earring and rings and with them I fell 10 times more confident.

Because I would be able to share it with my mom and get her some special things too

To give to my 12 yr old so she can treat herself.

I’m a single mum of two with no money to spend on myself!

Jewellery is my absolute oassion

This jewellery speaks to me on every level and I must have it in my life!! Maybe a little something for my partner too...

I moved to the UK last November and my family have struggled through COVID, this would be a perfect birthday present for me that doesn’t put strain on them.

More so now than ever I love supporting local Australian businesses who have that uniqueness you can't find anywhere else in the world

I don’t own any nice jewellery!

Because I haven't spoiled myself all year as been trying to pay off my student loans!

This girl needs some serious fierce new bling!

I just hit the 30-year milestone and it's ceetainly made me want to be more selective & curated about the special items I choose to wear.

I TIRE of the same, cheap, tacky jewellery that permeates fashion-trends today. I LONG for something unique, artistic and truly precious.


Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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