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Dagger Earring Silver


The Daggersleeper earring is meticulously crafted in solid silver, and a statement of strength and courage. A powerful yet feminine symbol. Handmade in Solid Silver, choose to have it dipped in blood red enamel or leave it as is. Its unique strength allows you to reclaim control of your style, while the sleeper design ensures comfort throughout the day. Wear with confidence and pride.

Daggers are also a symbol of protection, sacrifice & bravery. Plus, it also looks awesome! 

Wear on it's own or create your own pair. Receive 10% off  when you purchase 2 or more from ANY of our earring collections! (Automatic discount will apply at checkout)

Sold singularly or take advantage of our 10% discount if you buy 2 or more from ANY of our earring collections :)

- Dagger measures 25mm x 10mm

- Dagger sits in a sterling silver sleeper earring with internal click clasp

- Available in Sterling Silver

- Packaged in our signature black heart tin gift box

- Handcrafted here in my studio in Sydney, Australia