Solitaire Diamond Original Heart Padlock


Our OriginalHeart Padlock is now available with an ethically sourced solitaire diamond. This can be worn as an earring or added on a necklace or bracelet as a keepsake charm.

Heart padlocks are said to symbolise the purist of love, a 'love token'. Love token - is a keepsake given as a token of love - something of sentimental value. 

Diamonds are believed to be the stone of faithfulness too oneself & others. Whilst embracing the strength of your character.

- Diamond measures between 1.25mm - 1.5mm

- The little heart padlock : 22mm length x 8mm width (heart padlock 8mm x 8mm)

- The large heart padlock : 30mm length x 8mm width (heart padlock 12mm x 12mm)

- 9K yellow gold OR sterling silver

- Original Heart padlock design

- Fits any standard ear piercing

- Comes with black heart tin gift box 

- 100% Australian Made, owned and forged with love.