Memorial Burn My Heart Necklace - Custom made


Memorial Burn My Heart Pendent Necklace is a custom made keepsake piece of jewellery.  This item is extremely sentimental to the wearer and is designed to be treasured forever and passed down through the generations.


All we require to start is a little ash or lock of hair of your loved one. Please send equivalent to 1 teaspoon of ashes in a little ziplock bag or air tight container to the address:

Serpent & the Swan, Studio 14, 43-53 Bridge Road, Stanmore NSW 2048

Once we receive this, please allow 10 -15 days for us to create and deliver to you. The remaining ashes or hair will be returned to your with your order.


 Available Sterling Silver; 9K yellow gold; 9k white gold - very solid pendent that weighs 4.35g. If you would like another metal just ask:)


- Comes with matching fine chain 45cm.

- Pendent size 21mm x12mm

- Handmade by myself in Sydney, Australia. So please allow 2-3 weeks after order to make for you :)

- Comes in Serpent & the Swan heart shaped jewellery tin

 - 100% delicately made with love in Sydney, Australia

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