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Ruby Rays Heart of Hearts Necklace Gold


Ruby Rays Heart of Hearts Necklace is a hand carved cute pendant that features a teeny tiny precious reddish pink heart shaped ruby. The heart is set with deep engravings which represent the hearts rays. The heart shaped ruby is set into the piece so it's visible at the back to let the light in. Designed to be treasured.

The heart is a living symbol. The heart is an essential to life, as is the sun to our solar system. This organ is the location of our true intention in life. If we follow the flow of energy that seeps from our hearts, we will access that intention. The ruby is known as a protective stone that can bring happiness and passion into the life of the wearer.

Now available with a limited edition natural Emerald heart. Emerald is aligned to the vibration of the Heart chakra. It helps to bring balance and equilibrium to all aspects of life, and especially to the emotions.

Black Spinel has been used throughout history as a stone of protection, warding off evil and providing feelings of empowerment. Jet black, the gemstone is durable and tough, symbolising how all negativity can be absorbed and how you can stand strong against adversity.

- Fine cable chain 45cm long
- 9K Yellow Gold or 9K Rose Gold
- Tiny natural untreated heart gemstones 3mm

- Heart pendent 11mm x 15mm

- Wear alone or add to existing neck style

- Proudly handmade in the Inner West of Sydney.