The Original Heart Padlock with Pink Sapphire - Limited Edition


The OriginalHeart Padlock with pink sapphire is a made to celebrate Mothers Day. This can be worn as an earring or added on a necklace as a keepsake charm.

It is believed that pink sapphire symbolises love, respect and has been used throughout the centuries for protection, good fortune, and are not only symbols of power and strength, but also of good and wise judgment. The pink sapphire reflects the light of the heart and love and stimulates the heart chakra, located near the centre of the sternum.

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- The little heart padlock is: 22mm length x 8mm width (heart padlock 8mm x 8mm)

- The large heart padlock is: 30mm length x 8mm width (heart padlock 12mm x 12mm)

- 9K yellow gold OR 9K rose gold OR sterling silver

- Ethically sourced Australian Pink Sapphire

- Can be worn as an earring or added on a necklace as a keepsake charm.

- Original Heart padlock design

Sold singularly or take advantage of our 10% discount if you buy 2 or more from ANY of our earring collections :)

- Comes with black heart tin gift box 

- 100% Australian Made, owned and produced with love.