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Burn My Heart Boulder Opal Large pendent


Burn My Heart boulder opal pendent is hand carved by me, specially designed around the to magical heart cut boulder opal.  The boulder opal is not just magical at the front, but the back of the stone too. So I always create a pendent that is open at the back so you can see the boulder/rock face visible at the back, to let the wearer feel it's energy and to let the light inn. 

Fire placed above the heart symbolises fire in a positive way — whose purpose is to light up the world by doing good. According to the “Kabbalah,” the Perpetual Fire’ burning in our hearts (‘heart’ is another synonym for ‘centre’ also in Hebrew) symbolises the strong connection with the universe which is essentially runs through the centre of our lives.

The heart is a living symbol. The heart is an essential to life, as is the sun to our solar system. This organ is the location of our true intention in life. If we follow the flow of energy that seeps from our hearts, we will access that intention.

Boulder Opal calms the inner soul by representing the interplay of emotional elements, as seen by its refracting colors. This gemstone, which yields one-of-a kind-pieces that are unlike any other, facilitates personal actualization and self-awareness. It is an excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development.

- This piece is custom made one-of-a-kind piece, so please allow 3-4 weeks from order to delivery. 

- Select from; Sterling Silver ; 9ct Yellow Gold ; 9ct Rose Gold ; 9ct White Gold

- Heart shaped cut Australian boulder Opal, cut to shape by specialised Opal cutters in Sydney, Australia.

- Handmade by designers in Sydney, Australia

- Comes in Serpent & the Swan heart shaped jewellery tin

- Chain not included

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