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Birthstone Little Heart Padlock Gold


Personalise your Original Heart Padlock by selecting from 12 birthstones. Can be worn as a charm, attach this to any existing chain or wear as a stand alone statement earring.

Heart padlocks are said to symbolise the purist of love, a 'love token'. Love token - is a keepsake given as a token of love. keepsake, souvenir, relic, token - something of sentimental value. Add an extra bespoke element by selecting which precious stone you LOVE.

Birthstones are gems that are associated with a birth month, each stone has a unique meaning and significance. Birthstones are a part of modern society and since ancient times it is widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune.

Wear on it's own or create your own pair. Receive 10% off  when you purchase 2 or more from ANY of our earring collections! (Automatic discount will apply at checkout :)

These are custom made for you, so please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be created.

-Can be worn as a charm to add on to any necklace or as an earring

- 9K solid gold

- Original Heart padlock design

- Precious gemstones are all ethically sourced and found in Australia.

- 100% Australian made and produced by Serpent & the Swan in house at our Sydney studio.

- Sold singularly

PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot be returned unless faulty.