Carol's Mothers Meltdown to Lock My Heart custom ring

This is a little story about a wonderful women called Carol, who happened to walk past my studio last month with her girlfriend. 

Carol and her girlfriend were on there way to one of the many beautiful interior designer furniture boutiques in Precinct 75 in Sydney's inner west. They popped in to see some of my jewellery on display at my showroom / workshop.

Carol and her girlfriend loved my lock your heart ring with a padlock that I make. They took my details and that was that. The next day Carol emails me asking if I can custom make her girlfriend a lock my heart ring, but could I possibly melt down her mothers 18K gold ring to use for the ring. As her mother past away when she was young and never got to meet her girlfriend.

She dropped the ring at me the following week. The ring had a really large onyx stone set into it that I had to very delicately remove before I commenced melting it into a solid piece of gold. To then roll out and tap into a ring. I didn't have enough gold to make the heart padlock, so I thought it would look great to make it out of rose gold instead. I love the look of combining precious metals - luckily Carol was on board with it too.

The ring was meant to be ready in May, as they had planned a romantic trip to Paris for her girlfriends birthday and she was going to to surprise her with the ring. Then COVID crisis hit and they obviously cancelled there plans.

I had it ready in time, so she surprised her anyways on time for her 40th birthday. I really enjoyed custom making this ring for this beautiful couple and hearing there stories of love and loss. See the images below for a sneak peak into my jewellery making and melting process. 

Much love, Hayley x Serpent & the Swan (depending on which mood i'm inn ;)


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