March Top Picks!

March 29, 2022 2 min read

March Top Picks!

2022 has been a year of new arrivals! I’ve been busy at the studio lately, creating some new and special custom items I hope you will love as much as I enjoyed making them! You might have already seen some of them floating around my social media platforms, but now they are all officially released here on my website!

Glass Eyes Collection!

My new Glass Eye collection is here! The pendant can be worn as an earring on a safety pin, as a necklace, and as a ring! Haunting yet mysterious, the glass eye is a symbol of the soul and the inner self. It encourages clarity and is a realistic change on the typical eye motif, with piercing details within the eye itself, and a single teardrop falling out. The pieces are ideal for those who enjoy a sense of realism in their jewellery!

Emerald Rays!

A client recently DM’ed me about one of my all time classic designs, the Ruby Rays, asking if she could have her stone set in her birthstone, Emerald, the stone of May! I really loved the outcome of the design, and if you’d like to collaborate and change a design to make something personalised for you, please don’t hesitate to DM me!

Spiderweb Safety Pin Dangle Necklace!

Spiderwebs and Safety Pins are some of my favourite symbols, and by putting it together it creates a graceful look that can be worn in multiple ways. Simply clasp the safety pin on the small, barely noticeable hoop on the chain to wear as a dangle, or even just together to tie together the symbolisms of wisdom and solidarity.

Custom Rabbit Signet Ring

Another custom piece I created this month was a custom signet ring with a running rabbit design from her favourite Childhood Film,Watership Down. The signet ring is embedded with a sea pearl to represent the moon, and paired with the rabbit running, is iconic of the film. I thoroughly enjoy being able to make something so sentimental for someone!

Ball and Chain Stud Earring

A new closet staple, the ball and chain stud earring is elegant as a standalone but can also make an ear stack well-rounded. Though the stud may seem simple, the design itself is effective as it creates a dangle effect for the effortless look. It’s a great addition to anyone planning to start an earring stack or just looking for something to round out what they already have.

Break my Heart

The newest to the Serpent & the Swan Hearts collection, the Break my Heart motif comes in a stud earring, a necklace, and can even be personalised to your birthstone. It lays perfectly flat without adjustment and looks amazing as a mixed metal dual necklace, or even just gift half- a-heart to a loved one. The studs looks amazing as both standalone and next to each other, making this the ultimately customizable piece!

Thanks for having a read, stay safe & sane out there!

x Much Love x Hayley x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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