June 01, 2022 1 min read


Happy birthday to all the Swans & Serpents who were born in June!

Here is some of fun facts & folklore about pearls ....

Pearls are the only gemstones in the world that are created by living organisms. Mollusks produce Pearls by depositing calcium carbonate layers around microscopic irritants that get stuck in the shells.

Pearls have been used as adornments for many centuries, as far back as ancient Greece where people believed Pearls were the tears of the gods.

Ancient Japanese folktales told the stories that Pearls came from the tears of mythical creatures like nymphs and mermaids.

Early Chinese civilizations also believed that Pearls were carried by dragons, and that dragons must be killed to reclaim the Pearls, which is symbolic of wisdom.

Other cultures linked Pearls with the moon, referring to them as teardrops of the moon.

Hindu folklore also told of tales that dewdrops fell from the moon toward the sea, and Krishna plucked one dewdrop for the daughter he so loved on her wedding day.

During the time of the Byzantine Empire, only emperors were allowed to wear these beautiful gemstones. Also, Ancient Egyptians were usually buried with their prized Pearl pieces.



Hope everyone is staying warm, safe & sane out there!

Much love x Hayley x Serpent & the Swan x 

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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