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Peridot's for the Month of August 💚

August 14, 2023 3 min read

Peridot's for the Month of August 💚

August is the month of peridot, not many truely appreciate the magic of these stones. Here is some reasons why they are so unique.

A gift from the volcanoes

Peridots are unlike many gemstones as they are formed within the earth's mantle not its crust. They are sometimes referred to as gifts from the volcanos as they are often formed near volcanic rock. These green apple coloured stones, that have throughout history often been mistaken for emeralds, are August's birthstone.

Treasured by the Egyptians

Peridots were originally found in Egypt. They were originally mined on a volcanic island known as Topazo Island, located in the Egyptian Red Sea. This island is now known as Zabargad. These gemstones were so valued that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs had the island heavily guarded.

Peridots were a favourite gemstone of Cleaopatra. Like most Egyptians, the famous Queen, favoured peridot in many of her jewellery pieces. Her well known Emerald collection is thought to actually be peridots.This gemstone is still valued highly by the Egyptians who declare it as their national gemstone.

Many believed for centuries that the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral were emeralds The shirine features 200-ct of gemstones adoring the shrine.However the emeralds are actually peridots.

The peridot sand beaches of Hawaii

Hawaii often refers to peridot as Pele's tears due to them being formed from volcano activity, the island also has beaches in Mahuana that have peridot sand, the gemstone has infused the sand with its green hues.

Peridots are known as the gemstone of the sun and when worn offer protection from nightmares & negative energies.

All about our Peridots

Our Peridots are sourced from Pakistan, a country known for having high quality peridots. 

Serpent and the Swan has the option to select peridot in many of our classic jewellery pieces. Our website has many 9k gold & sterling silver jewellery options that feature this month’s birthstone, if you are looking for a special gift.

Serpent and the Swan offers the option of natural peridots and they definitely shine when selected for custom pieces. Peridots are perfect if you are wanting an original design using gemstones that are not commonly used.

Serpent and the Swan have the option to feature Peridot in allour classic birthstone jewellery pieces.

A peridot featured piece from our classic collection is the perfect gift for anyone you adore who has an August birthday.

Available in the metal of your choice:

  • Sterling Silver.
  • 9K Yellow Gold.
  • 9K Rose Gold. 
  • 9K White Gold.

Our commitment to sustainability means we choose to use recycled metals when available.

Shop our classic collection and choose Peridot for all August birthdays.

Padlock Pendant 

This classic padlock pendant can be created in the metal and birthstone of your choice.

For August, peridot shines when set in yellow gold.

Available in sterling silver and 9K gold. 

Shop our Padlock Pendantsavailable in the birthstone of your choice.

Ouroboros ring 

Our classic serpent ring displays the birthstone of your choice.

Available in silver and 9K gold. 

The Ouroboros was an emblematic symbol of ancient Egypt. It symbolises the unity of all things material & spiritual.

Shop our Ouroboros ringsavailable in the birthstone of your choice.

A statement of status 

The classic signet ring features the birthstone of your choice.

Available in silver and 9K gold. 

A modern day statement of status. 

Signet rings often had the wearer's initials engraved & were worn to display status & wealth.

Shop our signet rings available in the birthstone of your choice.

Custom designs by Serpent and the Swan

Our custom designs that feature peridot, highlight this less common gemstone as a unique option for anyone craving an original and distinctive piece of custom designed jewellery. 

Serpent and the Swan can craft a unique design using your favourite gemstones.

Available in silver and 9K or 14k gold. 

These custom designed earrings feature gorgeous peridots in their design.

A classic favourite has been updated to display the client's unique style.

Book a free consultation with our founder, Hayley to discuss creating your custom design with us.

Click on our websiteto see all the ways you can choose to feature peridot in our classic collection. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Birthday to all the Peridot birthdays!

x Hayley x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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