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Sapphire sparkles as September's birthstone 💙

September 07, 2023 4 min read

Sapphire sparkles as September's birthstone 💙

September's birthstone is the precious gemstone known as sapphire.

Did you know the top 4 precious gemstones are considered to be:

  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond

Found all over the world, this gemstone is often favoured as a featured gemstone in jewellery pieces instead of diamonds.

Worn by royalty and often featured in their crowns, tiaras and other important royal jewels. 

Sapphire Is a gemstone worn by those with status and authority.

In earlier times sapphires were thought to bring power and strength. Their blue colour symbolised heaven and the ancient Greeks wore sapphires when seeking guidance from the oracle as they believed sapphires assisted with guidance and divine wisdom.

The history of sapphires 

Sapphires are one of the top 4 precious gemstones, along with Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds. 

Sapphires are a 9 on the Moh scale and along with rubies are considered to be the only gemstone that's as hard as a diamond. This makes sapphires both durable and scratch resistant and an excellent gemstone for jewellery that's worn daily.

Sapphires and rubies are considered the same gemstone, since they are both formed from the same mineral, corundum. Both these gemstones have the same chemical composition: alumina and oxygen. 

It is the trace impurities of the corundum that decides their colour, red results in a ruby and blue in a sapphire. 

Sapphires are sourced from: Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Australia.

Sapphires in Australia are found on the eastern coast and the Australian parti sapphire has become a favourite in our custom jewellery pieces.

sapphire ring


Sapphires are a firm favourite in royal jewels.

The British royal family have long favoured sapphires in their royal jewellery pieces. Notably sapphires are usually the featured gemstone in these pieces.From royal crowns to Necklaces to brooches. Sapphires have taken the spotlight in many of their jewellery pieces worn at official engagements.


One of the most famous sapphire to be worn belonged to the late princessDiana's engagement ring which features a 12 ct oval shaped, royal blue sapphire sourced from Sri Lanka. The engagement ring was set in 18k white gold and surrounded by 14 diamonds. 

Growing up surrounded by sapphires,the now King Charles said he had been inspired by one of his grandmother's favourite brooches and the fact the sapphire blue matched his fiancée's eyes.Even after her divorce, Diana continued to wear her sapphire engagement ring.


This famous royal engagement ring has been passed down to the current generation of Royalty, with Princess Diana's son, Prince William choosing to propose to his future wife with his late mother's sapphire engagement ring.

Her stunning sapphire engagement ring is often seen being worn today by his wife the Princess of Wales. The engagement ring was originally valued at $60,000 in 1981, its memory and significant milestone moments, mark both past and future royal history. This has made it priceless and a treasured royal family heirloom that will be passed down to future generations.

All about our Sapphires 

Our Sapphires are sourced from Australia, making them a sustainable jewellery choice since we produce all our jewellery pieces in Australia.

Australia's sapphires are found in Queensland and NSW and are considered to be some of the best quality sapphires in the world. Additionally Australia is known for producing the highest number of commercial grade blue sapphires in the world. Australian sapphires are also known for their wide variety of coloured natural sapphires, available in black, green, pink, yellow and a wide variety of other colours.

Australian parti sapphires 

Australia also produces parti sapphires which are considered rare and unique due to their unique colour variations. Parti sapphires are known as bi-colour sapphires because they contain 2 or more different colours within the one stone. The unique colour combinations in these stones give parti sapphires a striking appearance that make them the perfect gemstone to feature in a custom jewellery piece or engagement ring.

Serpent and the Swan sapphire  jewellery 

SerpentandtheSwan offers the option of natural Australian sapphires and they definitely shine when selected for custom pieces. Sapphires are perfect if you are wanting an original design using a precious gemstone that is an alternative to diamonds.

Serpent and the Swan has the option to feature Sapphires in allour classic birthstone jewellery pieces.

A Sapphire featured piece from our classic collection is the perfect gift for anyone you adore who has a September birthday.

Available in the precious metal of your choice:

  • Sterling Silver.
  • 9K Yellow Gold.
  • 9K Rose Gold. 
  • 9K White Gold.

Our commitment to sustainability means we choose to use recycled metals when available.

Shop our classic birthstone collection

Padlock Pendant 

This classic padlock pendant can be created in the precious metal and birthstone of your choice.

For September, sapphire shines when set in yellow gold.

Available in sterling silver and 9K gold. 

Shop our Padlock Pendantsavailable in the birthstone of your choice.

Ouroboros ring 

Our classic serpent ring displays the birthstone of your choice.

Available in silver and 9K gold. 

The Ouroboros was an emblematic symbol of ancient Egypt. It symbolises the unity of all things material & spiritual.

Shop our Ouroboros ringsavailable in the birthstone of your choice.

A statement of status 

The classic signet ring features the birthstone of your choice.

Available in silver and 9K gold. 

A modern day statement of status. 

Signet rings often had the wearer's initials engraved & were worn to display status & wealth.

Shop our signet rings available in the birthstone of your choice.

Custom designs by Serpent and the Swan

Our custom designs that feature sapphire highlight this precious gemstone as the perfect diamond alternative for anyone craving an original and distinctive piece of custom designed jewellery. 

We have created custom engagement rings featuring natural sapphires as the main gemstone. 

Serpent and the Swan can craft a unique design using any of  your favourite gemstones.

Available in silver and 9K or 14k gold. 

Custom designed engagement ring 

This custom designed engagement ring  features a unique parti sapphire and two diamonds in its design. Forget the classic, boring diamond engagement ring and create a ring that reflects your own unique style.

Book a free consultation with our founder, Hayley to discuss creating your custom design with us.

Click on our websiteto see all the ways you can choose to feature sapphire in our classic collection. 

Thanks for having a read, much love  x Hayley x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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