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Rubies for July

July 01, 2021 1 min read

Rubies for July

July is here! Happiest of Birthdays to all born in July, where the birthstone is the radiant Ruby. It is also my birthstone, inspiring motifs like my Ruby Rays. 

Rubies symbolize love life to a lot of ancient cultures due to the colour likeness to blood. The dark red ruby symbolizes wealth, good fortune, and wisdom. As a birthstone, the Ruby radiates power and brings protection for those who wear this gem, favoured by royal families as a symbol of their power. 

Unlike garnets, rubies have darker and deeper red colour. The undertones shift towards cooler colours like blue or purple while garnets contain warm coloured undertones. The vibrancy of the ruby makes it special; without the colour saturation, pinker rubies are actually considered pink sapphires in some countries. 

My Ruby Ray motif was inspired by rubies when they are in the sunlight, refracting rays of red hues like fireworks. The talisman necklace in particular is a great layering piece depending on what you wear, but the blood red ruby is an extraordinarily bold gem, making it a statement within itself.

Again, Happy Birthday to those born in July!

Stay safe & sane!

Much love,

x Hayley x Serpent & the Swan x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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