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Happy December! As the holidays are coming soon, I’ve curated a gift guide to help you pick out the best personalized gift for your friend possible. But don’t forget, the Holidays are not just about gift-giving, but spending time with the ones who you love and care about. Want to receive a present instead? Use the Drop the hint button to tell your friends or significant others no-so-subtly what you might like for the holidays!

Please bear in mind that the cut-off dates are coming very soon or might have already passed! The last date to ship out all Ready to Deliver pieces is the 8th of December for all International Orders and 15th for all Australian Orders! 

For your Secret Santa..

Check out some of our Staple pieces, like the Wishbone ring or the unique Little Heart Padlock, which can be worn as a charm and as an earring! For some more budget friendly choices, I have an Under 100 Section for all pieces in that price range! 

For those you Care About..

Friends and Family might be difficult to shop for, but the classic Pearl Fob chain necklace or for a fun twist, Hoops with Freshwater Pearls are both amazing gifts to satisfy even the most particular people.

For your Sweetheart..

Show your love with some visual imagery! The Bleeding Heartring is a forever classic, and you can even customise each Ring with a different color. White and Gold is a particularly beautiful combination for the holidays! Not a fan of rings? Check out the Wild-at-Heart Earrings for Fob Necklace for a different look in the sun!

For your Ride or Die..

Get Forever ForgedTogether! Gift the experience of a permanent friendship bracelet through the newest experience to arrive in Australia! Here at Serpent and the Swan, I offer permanent bracelets with a twist, with Handmade Heart Shaped Jump Rings and in a multitude of metals, including Silver and Rose Gold! Click here to book today! 

For your friend with their head in the Stars..

Bring your friends back to ground with some dreamy opals and nature iconography. The Double Snake Opal Ring is perfect for gazing into the gem and my Shooting Star Enamel Ring and the Crescent Moon Safety Pin Earrings are perfect for those who love staring at the night sky.             


For the Subtle Accessorizer.. 

Do they like jewellery but what to keep it subtle? The ouroboros ring and the safety pin earrings are comfortable and easy to wear while keeping it elegant. Perfect for an earring or a ring stack, or just by themselves, if treated correctly, these pieces will last forever.

For the Wild Card..

And wild at heart. Pick from garnet, opal, citrine, topaz, amethyst, boulder opal & lab-grown ruby. I also offer gift cards if you can't decide for them!

Thanks for having read and happy holidays! x Much love x Hayley x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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