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August 25, 2021 2 min read


Want to send your friends (or yourself!) a quick pick me up during this seemingly never ending lockdown? Keep reading to see what you should get them depending on which friend they are!

For the mum friend who loves the classics:

Pearls are the way to go! We offer different types of pearls for both the traditional and the contemporary look in both hoops and safety pins! For a twist on a classic look, try out the freshwater pearl safety pin earrings to add to her daily jewellery collection! 

For the fashionable friend:

Choose something that makes a bold statement, like a ring! The ever-popular Bleeding Heart Ring comes in any colour they’d like and will quickly become one of their favourites. Prefer a more elegant look? The Double Snake Opal ring is another fan-favourite  

For the friend who’s always on the go:

Try safety pin earrings! These comfortable earrings are lightweight and comfortable, without having to take them off for bed or warm showers. Safety pin earrings come in a variety of symbols to show off their personality, too! 

For the friend with the coolest piercings:

They might have never seen earrings like our Serpent Climbers! Framing the ears nicely, these stud earrings follow the shape of the ear and create a unique look to complete the collection. These climbers are also the coolest way to start building on your own ear accessory collection!

For the friend who has everything:

Try something personalised! Show that you care by adding birthstones or customising items to make a one and a kind piece, like the Opal Burn My Heart Pendants, which are all one of a kind. Most pieces here are customisable, just drop me a message.

For the badass:

Here at Serpent and the Swan we love being able to show off a badass side with jewellery. One of our newer pieces, the Dagger Earring, is perfect for this! Check out the newest Cut my Heart Out Collection for more!

For the indecisive friend:

Staple pieces like the ouroboros ring and the wishbone ring are great because of their versatility. They can be paired with any other pieces they wear but also look amazing on their own!

Hope this helps, stay safe and sane out there!

Much love x Hayley x Serpent & the Swan x

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

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